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A Home Outlook

A 3 Bedroom Single Home “69/271 Perfect Place Ramkhamkhaeng 164 in soi 22/3” Two floor Home Plans, Total Residence Area : 143.53 sqm, Garden Area : 157.85 sqm , Total Land Area : 276.80 sqm,

3 Bedrooms , One sitting room, 2 toilets, Kitchen, 2 Halls. Car Parking, Green House, 3fish pools. Local Area Location Google Map Overviews MRT Orange Line"Perfect Station" will be opend in nearest future. The MRT Orange line is about 600M from the front Perfect Place Ramkhamkhaeng 164.

Full Furnished, 2 Air Conditions , Free Internet and Wi – Fi , Fiber Optic Internet 30Mbps, True Vision Satellite TV,

Advantages for the Property Seller

The number of potential buyers for your property will increase significantly;

The sale price of the property should not need to be reduced below fair market value;

The property sale will close more quickly than if bank financing were used;

Any potential income tax liability from the sale may be able to be deferred by the property seller;

In most cases, the note created can be sold and converted into cash at any time.

Perfect Place Ramkhamkhaeng 164 that we have over 2,500 houses and good resident with security systems, big lak and sports center where you and your family can enjoy.

Advantages for the Property Buyer

The buyer will not have to meet rigid bank qualifying standards;

The buyer may be able to purchase a property the banks would not qualify them for;

The buyer will pay lower closing costs than with bank financing;

The buyer may be able to make a smaller down payment than the banks would require;

The buyer may have the option to create flexible payment terms;

The buyer won’t have to pay origination fees or mortgage insurance;

The buyer may not have to establish a prepaid escrow account for taxes and insurance.